Lifelong ranchers

Our journey as a family business of organic livestock farmers begins at the end of the 80s with the acquisition of the ‘Las Hazas’ farm. A farm, located between the towns of Villanueva de Córdoba and Torrecampo, in the heart of the Pedroches Valley (Córdoba), Andalusia, Spain.

The brothers and founders José Picón and Andrés Picón focused from the beginning on a very specific business idea, a clear philosophy based on two fundamental pillars from the first moment:

  • The traditional breeding and management of the animal in total freedom within the Las Hazas farm, in total harmony with the sustainability of the environment.
  • Direct sales “from the field to the table”, first of fresh products and for a few years now, of cooked products, all with organic certification.

From the field…

Andrés Picón is the person who dedicates his time to the field. It is our eyes, hands and heart in total symbiosis with the animals that live in the countryside. He pampers our lambs and calves that are raised in total freedom 365 days, as well as the spectacular environment that surrounds us.

We defend the traditional breeding and management of the animal, ensuring the sustainability of the natural environment where we are located.

In recent years, extensive livestock farming and grazing have been gaining increasing prominence in different areas, not only in technical spaces linked to livestock farming, but increasingly in matters related to sustainability, the conservation of natural heritage. , the prevention and mitigation of climate change, rural development or territorial planning and management, among other aspects.

…at the table, cooking for you

Francisco José Picón, son of José Picón, as Head of Sales and Quality, is responsible for getting to know each of his clients, to provide a familiar and close treatment, in each sale of his product.

Also, together with the members of its Production and Quality team, it ensures very traditional and manual cooking, but using the most advanced technology in ovens and cooking pots; The meat raw material from animals raised in total freedom and organically on their farms in the Pedroches Valley, are the cornerstone of each roast or dish that is cooked.

A line of products cooked at low temperatures, with 100% organic ingredients, developed in their cozy central kitchens of their certified organic industry, achieving a useful life of 210 days from cooking, without losing an iota of organolectic quality, and without use any type of additive or preservative; Our roasts contain the main raw materials and a touch of basic ingredients, they do not need anything else, to be among the most requested fifth-range organic products, roasts and dishes ready to eat at any time, you only need to heat them to taste.

After many years of research, we have achieved a line of 5th range roasts certified 100% organic, which after already being present throughout Spain, want to cross borders to reach the rest of the inhabitants of Europe.

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